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  • Creative Living: 8 Ways to Stay Disciplined

    Creative Living: 8 Ways to Stay Disciplined

    If you follow this blog or take the time to look through it, you might notice there hasn’t been a whole lot of consistency. I know, I know. I beat myself up about it ALL THE TIME. I tell myself things like: “If you really loved it, you’d just do it. It would be a…

  • The Reality Behind Travel

    Behind all the “grammable” moments, the gorgeous album of photos uploaded to Facebook, the amazing snaps and instastories blasted out for the world to see, the reality of traveling is a sobering one. First, let me start by stating that I recognize how lucky I am to have earned opportunities to travel and to live…

  • The First and Very Long Overdue Post: Part I

    Part One of the summary of my first year living in Spain as an English Teacher.