Video Projects & Media Appearances

Short Film

The Dream

“The Dream” is a mini-documentary that follows the journey of a Mexican woman who teaches in a low-income school in the United States while also studying to earn citizenship through naturalization.

The project was inspired by a challenge to create a 60-second video representing a cause for celebration.

Video Poetry

Steeples & Cranes

This is a video-poem project I was working on in conjunction with an upcoming chapbook on place, called “Place is What You Make it” that ruminates on the idea of place.

This particular poem “Steeples and Cranes” comes from my Milwaukee collection.

Look Book Fashion Video


I created a look book with my partner for our clothing business called Vicentia, which means prevailing or triumphant.

Our mission is to share intentionally excluded stories of women and queer folks through clothing. We started with sustainably-made tees, and this look book features the first four designs (with our previous biz name)

Media Appearances

This section is where I both earnestly and ironically list out some of my media appearances. The first two are appearances that occurred within a six week span — the same reporter and I ran into each other out and about around the Milwaukee area twice. Classic case of “smallwaukee” and a beautiful sample of serendipity. J’adore that I’m labeled as “USA Fan” and got to talk about soccer on TV and that the word “white” is artfully placed next to my head. A bullseye introduction to me.

CBS News caught me out at Red Lion Pub in Milwaukee enjoying the England vs. USA game during the 2022 FIFA World Cup. They wanted to hear my thoughts about the atmosphere and USA’s chances. I did it in English and Spanish for Telemundo. Can’t find that clip, though. (2022)

CBS 58 News found me again a little over a month later visiting the Wauwatosa Public Library and asked me what my thoughts were about the library eliminate late fees. I opted out of the Spanish interview because I said, “I don’t know how to say late fees right now, and I’m still kind of sweaty from the gym.” (2023)

Milwaukee’s TMJ4 came out to my parent’s house, where we were living and working out of the basement at the time, to interview us about our small business, Vicentia (Victress Vibes at the time). Check out the full clip by clicking on the photo. (2019)

We had the opportunity to vend at Summerfest in September 2021 and along with that came another press opportunity for Vicentia. In this clip I’m showcasing some of our clothing, (especially that QR Code!) while Courtney spoke to the reporter; however, I was interviewed for Telemundo after this. I can’t find that clip either. Starting to think I don’t know how to search in Spanish. (2021)

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